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Newsletter March 2017

1. Tax-friendly dissolution of purchase agreement now also possible in the Brussels Region
The technique of the tax-friendly dissolution of purchase agreements has existed in the Flemish and Walloon Regions for some time. Since the beginning of this year, this is now also possible in the Brussels-Capital Region.
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2. Brussels allowance rises steeply
The Brussels Order of 12 December 2016 'containing the second part of the tax reform' was published in the Belgian official journal of 29 December 2016 (ed. 3). This indicates that the Brussels-Capital Region has sharply increased the allowance for the purchase of a first home. As a result, buyers can make substantial savings.
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3. I want let via AirBnB – what do I have to watch out for? (in Flanders and Brussels) 
It seems almost too good to be true. You go to Paris for a weekend and stay in a lovely apartment that is someone's home. Better still: you pay for it simply with the proceeds from letting your own apartment via AirBnB during the same weekend. It's possible, but Belgium wouldn't be Belgium if things weren't a little more complicated than that.
Offering a room or an entire house on the market, and therefore not just for family and friends, comes down to offering tourist accommodation. And that falls under a relatively complicated tangle of regulations. In this newsletter, we aim to set out the most important points to be noted for Flanders and Brussels, although we cannot go into all the details. For more information, we provide a few useful sources below.

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4. The updated audit committee
On 31 December 2016, a new law came into force that is part of the European audit reform. Among other things, the law lays down new rules on supervision. In this article, we look at the background to the law and consider what impact the modifications may have for your company.
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